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  1. Mike Delaney says:

    Greetings Dr. Martin,

    Just finished the book this morning and I have at least 2 other church members
    who would like to order the paperback, but I can only find it as an e-book. Can

    you shed any light on its availabilty, and how I can print out a copy of chapter 6

    for a training event? Wonderful book, and I have been in ministry and evangelism

    for 34 years.

    Mike Delaney
    First Christian Church,
    Madison, Indiana

  2. geoinmn says:

    It is only available as an ebook from the Kindle store. Anyone with a computer can get a free Kindle reader though, and then download Kindle ebooks.
    I hope this helps.

  3. Cathy Sewell says:

    You have a website!
    How incredibly cool! I have been reading your posts and 21 years just peeled away! I felt like I was sitting in the cafeteria, a brand new episcopalian, at Saints Martha and Mary. I could literaly hear your voice. So much has happened since those lovely years if stepping over multiple carseats on the way to communion.
    Now in junior warden on the vestry, God help me. I’ve been on a search committe, been to convention, been head of the nursery and periodically put my foot down, said NO and become just a spectator. I talk to people about you and Episcopal evangelism often. They don’t believe me !
    It’s interesting to think about pivotal moments in our lives. When I answered the door that spring day in Egan, Minnesota and you were standing there to invite me to Saints M&M I didn’t even know what an episcopal was. You told me they were not too much different from Presbyterian except y’all had communion every week and it was real wine not grape juice!
    Melissa, whom you gave first communion to when she was 9 months old, is now 23. I remember her first communion vividly because back then there was a big deal about giving communion to little kids in the church. But she stuck out her hand and you gave her the body of Christ. You later told me that you would not turn any child away whether they had been to communion classes or not. You felt the Holy Spirit was guiding them. I thought then and I still think that you are the most wonderful priest!
    Heather, whom you baptised, is 21 and at a crossroads in her life. She could use some of your prayers. Roy has retired from Lilly and bought a used car business. He is happy as a duck in deep water. I quit working as a pharmacist at UAB 2 years ago and spend my time now taking care of my parents, rescuing animals, transporting dogs and being church maintainence woman. Got to go. There is a leak in the kitchen.

  4. Cathy Sewell says:

    I hate spell check! I’m just reading my post and I see terrible grammar errors that I swear weren’t there when I was typing! Please ignore the poor sentence structure and try to get the jist of what I was saying

  5. geoinmn says:

    Dear Cathy,
    I’m so glad my website worked to let me hear from you. MY regular email is

    I remember you, but needed the update on your kids, as that has been a while. I’m glad you hung there with Ss. M&M.

    Just last year I republished my book Door-to-door MInistry: The Easy Way to Make Friends for your Church as a Kindle book. I plan to also get it in print with help from the publishing wing. I still believe in it—only in the way in which I did it. Your testimony is the kind of thing that I tell others about, though they usually have have that look that says “You have to be kidding me.”

    Caroline and I are in Phoenix as I write this. We’re on our way to the Diocese of Los Angeles where I will be starting my 7th interim ministry in Pacific Palisades. I actually be home more this summer, but will be full-time as of September 1st.

    Thanks again for the great email!


  6. David Gohl says:

    George, I was thinking of you today, as the church I’m involved with (Cross of Peace Lutheran, ELCA, Shakopee) elected me church counsel president. It brought me back to the days of M&M and my Senior Warden days. Those days were filled with many pleasant memories and trials and tribulations, especially the year the church was built. I often wonder whose left at M&M from those days. Lindahls, Ranfts, Garrisons? Remember? Barb and I went our separate ways back in 2003. I’m remarried, inherited 3 grandchildren. And my two that you baptized? Aubrey living in St. Louis, getting married in October. Graduated from Webster University in St. Louis. Adam, well, he’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do. Went to Mankato State for 3 years, now taking a break and singing in a band and working two jobs. Who would have thunk it? Both are great kids with a lot to give to society.

    Does the Episcopal Church and the ELCA still have the common union? Haven’t heard much about it.

    I do have a favor to ask, our church is stuck when it comes to stewardship. With no campaign for the past several years, I’m looking for some guidance.

    I hope this note finds you in good health, good spirits and taking it easy from the sounds of all your travels. Please greet Caroline for me, and I hope our paths at some point may cross.


  7. geoinmn says:

    Dear Dave,
    I thought I’d replied to this. But I didn’t hear back if I did. And then again, I’m now 72, and some of the things I think I did, I didn’t do. And some of what I did I can’t remember. You’ll get there soon!
    Anyway give me a call at 651-216-2329 and we can exchange greetings. Happy new Year! George

  8. Helen Andersen says:


    Please update me on where you are now and where have you been since Saint Margaret’s Church in Palm Desert, California. Love reading your past entries to their paper. Hope you are well,

    Kind regards as a born and raised Minnesotan myself-


  9. geoinmn says:

    Dear Helen,
    Somehow I overlooked your comment on my website:
    After leaving St. Margaret’s I thought I was retired until I accepted a call to serve St. Matthew’s in Pacific Palisades CA (JUNE 2013 to Nov. 2014). Then I was retired until Aug. 2016 when I accepted a call as Senior Pastor at a Lutheran Church near our cabin in the Brainerd Lakes area. I’m still there. If you want you can directly email me at or just reply here. I’m adding some recent Christmas sermons. I need to check this site more often than I do. I remember you well. And hope all is well. Blessings and Happy New Year. George

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