Tableware and Carvings 2014

Tableware and Carvings 2014

The bowls and chalices shown were saved from the fire, having originally been just logs in a cord of wood destined for the fireplace. Every carving begins with a chain saw. Then I use a grinder and gouges before a great deal of sanding. The outside is often sealed with a polyurethene coating, while the inside uses a food-friendly mineral oil. If the wood ever feels dry to the touch feel free to freshen up the inside with more mineral oil. Discovering the beauty of the wood and wondering about the seasons of its life is what this art is all about. I begin using violent tools in order to excavate down into the wood to discover patterns and fissures that lay hidden away. Each bowl tells its own story! If you’re interested in other carvings visit and send me an email!

IMG_6262 IMG_7513 IMG_6260 IMG_7214 IMG_7213

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