Paul Found: In His Letters (a work in progress)

Paul Found: In His Letters (a work in progress)

Greetings to this Website and the book I am writing about St.Paul. Be ready to be amazed with some of the things you are going to discover about St. Paul.

I’ve been immersed in Pauline Studies for over nine years, and have found there is story to be told about St. Paul, that seemingly was lost in the second and third centuries of the early church. As you read this book I make frequent references to the way Paul emerged in the story of Christianity as “the apostle” and eventually as a “dogmatic theologian”—especially in the context of the Protestant Reformation. There are some excellent books on the controversies in the early church and how Paul emerged as a heroic figure who represented a more hierarchical establishing church. I am suggesting that Paul would be most surprised to discover what happened to him after he died.

This book has as it major premise that there are many autobiographical details in the seven major letters of Paul. (Nearly all scholars can agree about which seven letters were actually from Paul.) There are arguments about six other letters and that is explained in the Introduction. Looking closely at Paul’s letters, and knowing the kind of cultural background for Paul and his communities, we can discover some amazing things about Paul that have often been overlooked. The Paul you think you know may not be the Paul found when the focus is on his letters. And if, by chance, you haven’t always liked Paul (or maybe never did) plan to be surprised!

About the author: The Rev. Dr. George H. Martin

I am a retired Episcopal priest living in Minnesota. After a long ministry of settled pastorates and eight interims, my wife Caroline and I are enjoying our mutual retirement. I must admit, however, that the topic of this book is a kind of work, but one I gladly and enthusiastically choose to do. It is joy to share this work with others. Please make comments and let me know your questions. Blessings! George

Accessing the Chapters in “Paul Found: In His Letters”

The tab at the top bar of this webpage contains the chapters as I write them. Please use the comments section on this Word Press site to let me know of your ideas and reactions to what I’ve written. Since I don’t have an editor I welcome you to let me know of misspelled words, typos, and anything that doesn’t make sense. Paul would have done the same!

Paul: pdf  — Here you will find a “pdf link” to each chapter. If you click on the link for each chapter you’ll find it much easier to print each chapter. I welcome those willing to help with editorial and comments of substance to use this format. That way you can share your ideas more easily with me. Just promise me that you’ll check with me before copying and sharing these chapters with others.

2 thoughts on “Paul Found: In His Letters (a work in progress)

  1. Dear Dr. Bristow,
    I’ve been immersed in research and writing, and forgot to update my website. Thank you for your encouragement. Your helping me write my chapter “Paul, the Unmanly Man.” Did you know, by the way, that Kenneth Bailey, made the same point about women being silent. They were there in worship he said, but chattering away. (Of course the other possibility is that he never wrote that. Those words appear to be an exact copy of what is in 1 Timothy.) Blessings, George

  2. I received a copy of your note to Sandy Messick, asking for information about efforts in my first book, What Paul Really Said about Women. The description of your research on Paul sounds inviting and intriguing, and I wish you many rewarding discoveries and responses!

    By all means, feel free to utilize my discoveries in any way that is helpful!

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