Chapters to “Paul Found: In His Letters by George Martin

Chapters to “Paul Found: In His Letters by George Martin


The pdf versions of completed Chapters are Found There!
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Paul Found in His Lettersis the book I am writing. As I complete various chapters I am sharing them with the world! Actually I have some trusted friends reading these who are offering editorial and content help. I don’t mind if others interested in this topic also comment and offer suggestions. I do ask that you do not print copiesof these chapters  to share with others unless you have my permission to do so. 

Below you will see a list of the chapters written to date, and the titles of forthcoming chapters. Going to “” will give you access to this material, including many supporting documents, and information about the history of this research.

The Current Bibliography is kept up to date with each chapter when it is completed.

Chapters Written

  1. Introduction: Paul Found in His Letters (2017)
  2. Paul in Arabia (2017)
  3. What’s in a Name (2018)
  4. Paul Storyteller (2018)
  5. Paul Lost in the Crowd (2018)
  6. Paul Sent to the Nations
  7. Paul in Community (2019)
  8. Paul Found in Letters Heard


  1. PauL an Umanly Man
  2. Paul Slave of Christ
  3. Paul in Trouble
  4.  Paul the Mystic
  1. Paul’s Watch
  2. Paul for Our World

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  1. HI Denise,
    I’m glad the reply thing works. It’s Sunday morning. I’ll get to it this afternoon and test it out. I guess I didn’t always do it. Thanks.


  2. Dear George Martin —
    I’m printing off the chapters for a day long seminar in Collegeville on February 2. Unfortunately a number of the links do not work. Let me know if you can get them working.

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