Door-to-door Ministry Notebook Republished as an eBook

Door-to-door Ministry Notebook Republished as an eBook

The following post is taken  from the Introduction to the Door-to-door Ministry Notebook. This book is available on in print for $9.95 and it is an ebook ( as well. I’m convinced that this is a methodology that is still relevant for ALL churches to consider, especially those who want to return to the vision that most likely was functioning in their early days. By George Martin


From the Introduction



Door to Door Ministry: A Lifesaving Ministry


The notebook that you are reading is most likely not going to end up on any best-seller list. More than once I’ve told people that this is “The least read book ever published.” It’s narrow audience is also why it is a self-published book. The reason is fairly obvious, since this ministry is something akin to that described in the previous parables. Many existing churches were actually founded on the principles and practices described herein, but as the external focus on evangelism has sadly faded from the picture many of our congregations became more like clubs rather than mission stations..

The hope in putting this notebook together and making it available is that there will be enough adventurous souls who see the need and are willing to respond. I’m hopeful that some of our churches return to their original mission.

I’ve included in this notebook many practical details related to door-to-door ministry as well as a clear rationale for entering into this ministry, in the hope that a few teams of people will step out from their local church communities to continue the ministry of invitation. I have no doubt that there will be blessings for many in that process.  As will be pointed out in this work, this life-saving activity was part of the plan of Jesus and one of the first missionary efforts of the early disciples. Those who keep this ministry going are following in the footsteps of those first disciples.

This latest up-dated edition also recognizes that the times have changed since this was first written in the early 1990s. I still believe that the methodology is relevant, however. Witness the Jehovah Witnesses, if you will, who knock on doors still, and how the Mormons keep sending out missionaries all over the world in pairs.

The changes that I’ve made in this up-dated version involve little in terms of the basic concepts of this ministry, and I definitely still stand behind the theological and biblical concepts that I believe are foundational. Having worked in churches where gated-communities abound, and having lived in apartment complexes while doing interim work around the country, I am aware that it isn’t always easy to get to everyone. I’ve, therefore, added ideas for reaching people who are hard to reach in a few places in this workbook.

I also think that social-networking methodologies, which are fairly low-tech (once you’re registered with Facebook, for example, it’s easy to connect with hundreds if not thousands of people), need to be considered at least as a methodology for continued conversations and follow-up with prospects. Whereas I used to offer bringing a VHS formatted video to show someone in their home on a follow-up visit I now encourage the church to create YouTube videos (maybe appearing on the church’s website) that demonstrate what life in their church looks like.  Maybe it’s a Dvd that is sent to a prospect. I also think it is extremely important for the church to incorporate the concepts of “event-evangelism” in terms of their community outreach. I’ve added a special chapter called “Reasons to Reach Out to Your Community” which discussed how event-evangelism can be connected to door-to-door ministry.

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