By The Rev. Dr. George H. Martin

Throwing out the first ball—MN Twins 9/27/2011
Throwing out the first ball—MN Twins 9/27/2011

About this Ministry Based Website
This website isn’t all about the formal ministry side. It includes pages, after all, devoted to  family (grandchildren, favorite places, and travels) and it allows me to share a few of my creative interests (the vineyard and wood carving.) Many times the work on this website will take place at a cabin in Northern Minnesota which is becoming a favorite place for all in our family. Even so, my mind is active, my passion for the work of the church continues, and this website is a way to invite others to know more about me and hopefully consider how I might support their work.

What’s an “Encore Career”?
By virtue of my age and experience some would say that I ought to think of myself as “Retired” but it’s a word I’m reluctant to attribute to myself.  I’ve created this website because I have an ENCORE CAREER. In this new stage of my life I’m writing on this site with various posts and I’m working on a new book. Even if I’m not active doing interim ministry I still have a passion for that work which extends to serving on the board of the Interim Ministry Network.

Working with two other colleagues I am blessed to be part of consulting partnership called “Episcopal Moment.” We sincerely believe that as Christianity comes to terms with the postmodern world that the Episcopal church is placed to offer many people a wonderful church home. You can find more about this work at www.episcopalmoment.com.

A Ministry of Teaching, Consulting, and Coaching
For years I have been a teacher in the areas of evangelism, church growth, and change. I have taught in over 40 dioceses as well as lectured in Canada, New Zealand, and England. My interest in teaching and consulting is as strong as it ever was. There is also the ministry of “Coaching” in which I work with clergy leaders helping them get started in a new ministry or to wade through a difficult challenge with my willingness to listen and help them reflect on the best practices for ministry.




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